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To help our sector and Jordan realize their full global potential , We need to create a new perspective, one that embrace paradoxical notions of cooperation and competition; it is now for us A/E business council members to set up a “competitive” system of values taking full advantage of our combined energy!

                                                                                     Eng.Bisher Jardaneh


It is imperative to open the communication channels between the offices of the same profession in order to exchange ideas and unify efforts to enhance the engineering work standards and develop it to higher levels. I found the forum to be a suitable platform for that as it include the leading excelling offices in Jordan that have a joint vision to the importance of excellence and competitiveness on the local and international fronts.

                                                                                            Eng.Izzat Sajdi   


Excellence is not luxury; it is a necessity for survival in this highly competitive world. A/E Forum will provide an opportunity for all of us to pursue our quest for quality and Excellence, and to improve our competitiveness and export capabilities in order to achieve a better Jordan. 


                                                                    Dr.Izz Eddin Katkhuda


It is a time of change for the whole world; change that offers a world of promise but also challenges communities to move ahead in development. AE Forum realized that the drive to modernize our sector and to improve our country’s economy must be based on efficient and sustainable mean’s to export our services. Means that combine distinction, excellence, expertise and competence. We all have the ideas but need each others support, and we all enjoy brilliant resources yet need each other’s input, skills and talents.

For that and more, together let’s promote the culture of partnership, innovation and respect that give us the confidence, energy and determination to aim for a better position in this emerging world.

                                                                                         Eng.Said Abu Jaber



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