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Public Sector Consultation Committee (PSCC) :
Considering key influences affecting the domestic market prospects for the Sector with particular reference to changes in regulation, statutory requirement, economic trends and trading standards. The Committee prepares position papers based on membersí views, arranges consultation meetings with key influencers and ensures members are fully briefed on the latest initiatives.



1.Support the AE Business Council in fulfilling its mission through creating, developing and enhancing the Council capacity on representing itself as a legitimate consultative body and a neutral data source on A/E Sector issues.

2.Recognition by members, prospective members and other external stake holders of the Council as a legitimate representative on A/E sector issues.

3.Pro-active coalitions with other representative groups for constructive dialogue with Government are formed.

4.A/E's position on relevant sector issues considered important by its members, and specifically related to rules and regulations for A/E offices is represented to external stake holders

5.Develop a mechanism to collect A/E membersí issues of concern regarding rules and regulations that directly affect A/E business.

6.Align the activities of the committee with the rest of A/E committees for maximum benefit.



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