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Architectural Detailing Session by Arch. Faris Bagaeen




Last week the AEBC was pleased to hold a two-day training session on “Architectural Detailing” delivered at the Consolidated Consultants premises by our brilliant Architect Faris Bagaeen. With the participation of 42 engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Consolidated Consultants, Dar Al-Omran, Rukn Al-Handasa, Faris Bagaeen, and Arabtech Jardaneh, the session was delivered on two phases on May, 18th and 20th with a total of 6 hours.The session included valuable technical information presented from real locations and sites, and have thrown light on best practices of detailing in several projects undergoing different circumstances.


Arch. Bagaeen provided practical advice to architects to be on field, to detail according to the need of their clients and to live their work!

The feedback collected from the audience was very positive. Many Architects have asked to attend more sessions on the topic and advised that it be taught as a full course at universities.


On behalf of the AEBC family we express our gratitude to Arch. Faris Bagaeen for his efforts and we would like to thank Consolidated Consultants for hosting the sessions at their premises.


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