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Green Schools Awareness Session at Ahliyyah School for Girls

Green Schools Awareness Session at CMS


AE Business Council, Green Building Unit, had carried out an awareness session about green schools at CMS on the 24th of May. The session started early in the morning with a touching welcome speech by the school director Ms. Hayfa, followed by an introduction by the GBU chief Arch. Maisa Batayneh.

The session lasted for a couple of hours and included inspiring illustrations and presentations, by the GBU members Arch. Rashed Nassa and Eng. Yousef Al-Soudani, about saving the environment, principles of sustainable and green schools, benefits of green schools, and the role of students and society in saving our natural resources. The members also presented one of their green schools pilot projects “Rufayda Aslamiya School” in Sahab, a successful collaboration story between the GBU and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

The main theme of the session focused on the importance of implementing sustainability concepts in our schools in order to provide a healthy educational environment to students and teachers. Furthermore, the students were briefed about some basic engineering concepts relevant to green buildings such as utilization of daylighting, natural ventilation, renewable energy, and conservation of water.

 The session was concluded with questions and answers by the GBU members, and the beautiful students singing of “Mawtini”.

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